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Maureen of Reen Anderson Solicitors assisted my construction company recently in a Health and Safety matter.

She was able to advise us after a visit by the local council.  And based on her advice, we took necessary actions that meant we were able to avoid any adverse action by the Council.

Mr Miller

Director – Construction Sector – London

With over 20 years experience, we have the expertise and the knowledge to look after You and Your best interests

Top quality Healthy & Safety Law advice for Your business

As Specialist Health & Safety (H&S) Law Solicitors, we are well versed with all aspects of H&S laws and regulations.

We specialise in representing our clients in meetings with H&S Executives, local authorities and/or tribunals.

If You are a pro-active business owner, we can take out the stress by helping You plan and draft legally compliant H&S policies with complete documentation.

If You are a key decision maker in Your business and are dealing with H&S officials, we can assist You in drafting Your responses and/or accompany You in the meetings.

Experienced team to help You with Health & Safety policies

Your business needs legally compliant Health & Safety (H&S) policies in place.

At Reen Anderson Solicitors, we will work with You to design, plan and produce legally compliant H&S policies and processes so that You and Your business are never at risk.

And if your business requires a highly competent legal team to deal/negotiate with local authorities & other government bodies from time to time, then You have a good news.

At Reen Anderson Solicitors, we can assist You in successfully negotiating with Your H&S officers, local boroughs and/or other third parties.

We can represent You at tribunals and courts

As a responsible business leader, You wouldn’t want to be dealing with courts and tribunals.  But the reality is that at times, this is unavoidable.

At Reen Anderson Solicitors, we will be there for You if the worst happens e.g. a Health & Safety enquiry.

So if a court or a tribunal is inevitable, then don’t worry about expensive solicitors, and certainly don’t be concerned about spending months to mount Your defence.

We will look after Your interests and give You the best chance of success with a timely, cost-effective and highly personalised solution.

Some of  the areas where our experienced commercial team could help You

  • Risk assessment
  • Virtual site visit
  • Evidence gathering and documentation

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