khan saleemi

About Me

A majestic story teller …

An experienced sales growth strategist …

A successful entrepreneur …

A dedicated dad …

Let me tell you my story, in a few lines


did you know that

i used to find stories challenging?

When I was a kid, stories turned out to be a challenge for me.

For instance, whenever I used to hear or read story of the hare and the tortoise, I used to get worried what if the hare didn’t sleep this time.

And while at primary school, I was once playing with my friend Zack in his parents’ bedroom and we found some masks and handcuffs. And for years, I was convinced that his dad was a superhero.

But with time, that challenge with stories became a passion for stories.

And later in life, I learnt how to use this passion to inspire, educate and motivate others.

My speciality are my no non-sense talks and seminars with built-in stories that take my audience to various journeys of soul searching while identifying what has been stopping them in realising their full potential and to achieve their goals.

They come out at the other end with a renewed focus and the mind set to challenge limits and write their own story involving more happiness, more success and more achievements.  

My presentation make my audience burst repeatedly into laughter, make them shed tears out of emotions, urge them to regularly nod in acceptance and agreement and provide them the focus and the will to achieve more in life.

My talks help my audience to take charge of their life and write their own successful life-stories .

In numbers:

80+ training courses delivered

65+ sales presentations

55+ educational speeches given

23 failing businesses sites saved


my speaking background

training courses delivered

sales presentations

educational speeches given

failing business sites saved

let me share

My Experience


10 Years and counting

– On a mission to help 10,000 business owners, entrepreneurs and key decision makers to grow their businesses to the next level

– Accredited business growth mentor for The Core Asset Group

– Professional Coach Diploma holder awarded by The Speak Up Challenge

– Growth strategist with focus on step by step action planning for streamlined marketing

– Keen advocate on improving sales processes with proven tactics and tips

– Engaging speaker to share stories with key messages and move audences to take action

founder & entrpreneur

digital marketing agency
6 years and counting

– Founded the business from conception to operating it successfully

– Boardroom meetings including presentation, contract negotiations & closing deals

– Marketing and promotional events to build & nurture key business relationships

– Periodic client meetings to analyse & review delivery and performance

Business networker

iternational networking org
4 years and counting

– Regional trainer conducting various training courses for new as well as existing members

– Support, guidance and action planning for members to ensure their revenue growth

– Growth strategies to manage and enhance membership

– 1 on 1 coaching for members on mind set and motivation

regional manager

hospitality & leisure
2 years

– £multi-million budget holder with complete responsibility of P&L

– Coached & trained high performing teams for various business growth initiatives

– Maximised sales growth opportunities via strategic planning and resourcing

– Efficiently planned and implemented investment projects for capital growth

sales operations manager

18 months

– Delivered revenue growth of 20% in final 6 months and 11% overall

– Boardroom meetings and client presentations to solidify sales pipeline

– Planned and delivered Health & Safety and operational training for team members

– Delivered major contracts with the likes of Amazon, Carphone Warehouse, etc

regional manager

gaming & leisure
3 years

– Head of Regional Project to promote and market company brand

– Planned and organised PR activities at key locations like Arsenal FC, Chelsea FC, Wembley Arena, World Darts Championship at Alexandra Palace, etc

– Trainied and coached 3 field sales teams for various promotional activities

– Delivered multiple sales and customer-centric training courses for store management 

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